Board :Law
Author :Maiyu
Subject :Unwritten Laws
Date :2/19
<b> Unwritten Laws
Participation in activities that violate the family-friendly guidelines of the Nexus can result in punishment even if the activity is not explicitly posted as illegal.  Some examples include:

1. Abuse of a bug for personal benefit.  When in doubt, report the suspected bug to tech-support ( to determine whether your finding is an error or intentional.

2. Cheating in an event (submitting multiple characters in carnage, or submitting plagiarized poetry in revels, for example).

3. Abusing the privileges offered by KRU (using bulletin boards to advertise commercial products, for example).

4. Conversations about illegal drugs and/or drug taking. Please keep in mind that children DO play this game, and are affected by their surroundings. Standing talking about drugs does not make for a family-friendly environment.  

5. Manipulating the text of a written law to violate the intentions of said law.

6. Revealing, or attempting to reveal the identity of a KRU or Immortal character. This includes all archons, royals, and event characters past and present.  Likewise, mortals of former archons who reveal their archon's identity, abilities, or have disclosed Archon/KRU-only business tools to mortals (i.e. map maker) will face serious consequences.  Whether you are right or wrong, saying what you think is the name of an Archon mortal character is a jailable offence (this includes chats in whispers). Trying to discover the identity of these characters makes their jobs harder.  Those convicted of violating a law that has not been explicitly mentioned by KRU Inc. will receive a reduced penalty (minor infractions).  As always, those with previous criminal records will be receive greater punishments than first-time offenders.

Author: Justicar
Edited: Maiyu (Hyul 14)