Board :Law
Author :Maiyu
Subject :Laws Clarified II
Date :2/27
Event Harassment:
No player shall engage in any activity that interrupts or prevents normal progression of an event.
  An event shall be protected by this law, if it meets
   the following criteria:
    (a)  Any event or public service, promoted by any
         established organization, i.e.  subpaths, clans,
          tutors, armies, etc.
    (b)  Any individually hosted event/public service
          announced on Comm Events, with posted winners/
Sexual Harassment:  (no warning/serious other)
        a.  Any comment directed at a player or not, consisting of sexual content.  The report must have screenshot proof, or be witnessed by a judge/archon.
        b.  Sexual comments posted on boards: Any sexual related posts, directed at a player or not.
      NOTE:  The filter is in place to allow you to vent legally.  This pertains to profanity only.  Use of words in a  sexually related manner, even if filtered, will not offer the  same protection, and will be treated as if used intentionally, filtered or not.
Attempted Murder/Murder:

It generally involves an offender casting ASV or healing spells on a monster.  It involves an offender aiding the monsters in order to prevent someone from killing them. It is only murder if someone dies as a result of the monsters having asv or being healed.

Profiles are a privilege for players and are not to be abused. Jail time with no warning will result if a player's profile includes profanity, sexual/racial/drug remarks.  Try to avoid references to controversial matters that may be offensive to other players.  Warnings will be given to otherwise inappropriate profiles.  
Door Blocking:

You can be jailed for blocking doors, or any pathway/route > that interferes in a player's game play. Please avoid going afk in any such location.  See the Nexus license agreement concerning player conduct.
Bad Name:

Bad names may include (but are not limited to):
Cursing, Racial slurs, Sexual terms, Offensive references, Attempts to go around the filter.  Non-registered players' names will be blocked; registered players' names will be required to change their name and send in a ticket to KRU Int.
Auto hunting/crafting:

Players will be jailed for Other Serious and are subject to further punishment.

Players that are cheating with 3rd party programs will be jailed for "serious other" and are subject to further punishment.
Plagiarizing in a poetry/story contest receives no warnings, and results in a "serious other" jailing.
Serious other: Immortals

Whether right or wrong, attempting to reveal the mortal identity of an immortal, a royal, a KRU-owned event character (i.e. Qantao), or KRU representative is a serious offense.  Archons, past or present, will face serious consequences if they a) reveal their identity; b) reveal information concerning archon-only subjects;  c) reveal archon abilities; d) disclose Archon/KRU-only business tools to others (i.e. map maker).