Board :Law
Author :Maiyu
Subject :Slang: Domestic & Foreign
Date :10/28
    While we appreciate and acknowledge the many cultures of the Nexus community, please understand that some "slang" words said in any language leave room for misuse, misunderstanding, and possible offense to others, intended or not.  The problem is magnified when the slang is in a language other than English.  It's bad enough in English, let alone compounded by a foreign language.

     As a rule, if you use a slang word in any language to disrespect another player, you may face consequences.

    By definition, slang words in any languages are those that are not found in the said language's STANDARD dictionary.

     If you turn to other ancillary sources and find any derogatory meaning, then the word is not permitted in the game.  

Still not sure?  Ask an Archon or a Judge.