Board :Law
Author :Maiyu
Subject :Hunting & Boss Laws
Date :12/17
For clarity, "boss" is defined in two ways:
In Mythic Nexus Caves, Boss is defined as a foe that drops a Key or/and other Special item and/or money and spawns in certain rooms. The boss will differ in appearance from other creatures in the cave and give more experience.

In Vortex Caves, Boss is defined as a foe that has a chance to drop a special weapon or armor-type item. The boss will differ in appearance from other creatures in the cave and give more experience. It will follow its target (and therefore the rightful "owner" of the boss) from room to room.
<b>It is considered boss theft if you interfere with the <b>target's boss encounter (i.e. paralyzing creatures around <b>the target that are purposely being used to solo the boss; <b>zapping the boss to remove its focus off of the target).

OUTSIDE Mythic Nexus Caves Boss is defined as a foe that differs in appearance from other creatures in the cave, drops a -RARE- item, and makes seldom appearances inside the cave.

  Hunting, Non-Boss Creatures
Whoever makes a good progress towards the kill usually gets rights to the kill.  Even if you get the experience,  if you didn't make a good  progress towards killing the creature (got only the last hit for example) in most cases you have no rights to the drop. And it will be considered  stealing kill which is not legal in this kingdom.  
 **Note** Paralyze, Vex, Venom, and Scourge are not considered "attacking" the animal.
 **Note** The use of fascinate and/or similar poet spells is considered a tactic to kill a creature and/or boss. Interference with the target's attempt to use these spells on creatures to attack the boss (such as by paralyzing) is illegal.
  Hunting, Boss Creatures
In rooms where Key (Earth, Fire, Mountain, etc) and rare weapons and/or items creatures are known to spawn, the law is slightly different.  In these cases, whoever is in the room first (has camping rights) gets the right to attack the boss whenever he spawns and  take the drop.  The only exception to the above law is those caves that the "Boss" spawns with the help of a player (i.e. Mythic Tigers, Mythic Rabbits, Arctic Ogres). The person who spawned the Boss gets the right to attack and claim the drop.
 **Note**  If you lag out, die, leave the room for any reason,  accidentally return, or otherwise are not present at all times you forfeit  camper rights. Campers rights do not apply to the dead. You cannot claim campers rights if you entered the room while as a ghost.
   Hunting, Rooms with Multiple Bosses
Each person has a right to one boss. So if two bosses spawn, and one person is attacking one when another person enters or another person is 'camping', the second person has rights to the second boss.  

   Hunting Non-Mythic Creatures with Drop
In rooms where creatures are known to spawn and drop weapons and/or items and/or money, the law is different. Whoever makes a good  progress towards the kill gets rights to the kill and the drop. These  creatures are NOT considered Bosses (i.e. Muck/Slime Ogres are NOT  Bosses) and for that reason no camping rights apply.

   Hunting, Conflict Resolution
If there is a conflict about a kill and other laws cannot be decided the kill will be judged on the basis of who got the experience.

Author: Shajara
Edited by Maiyu, Hyul 20, Fall