Board :Law
Author :RabSha
Subject :Non-english character law
Date :6/2
Some people use Korean characters and other types of special characters and symbols in sages, titles, posts, and names.  Due to troubles with these symbols/characters, please do not use them.  Use of these symbols in Sages will be considered Sage Abuse, in posts will be considered board abuse, in names as character abuse, and other places will have a matching brand.

Please do all of your Saging, posting, and typing in English.  For those of you who want to get technical on this matter - For the purposes of the law, "English Characters" are any character that can be created by a 'standard' English keyboard without the use of the Ctrl, Alt or other 'special' key other than Shift. This also includes the use of the 'note' symble, or anything else that is gotten from copying and pasting.

Thank you.