Board :Law
Author :Shajara
Subject :Courts
Date :10/23

   The Nexus court is a player run Justice system. The court has the right to resolve all justice issues that arise from players.  
    Players seeking justice may post to the Justice boards found outside the jail in each city. (Press F1 and read 'Finding a place' to locate the jail). Posts to this board must include all facts relevant to a case. You must state whether or not you have screenshots to verify your claims.
      The court has the right to drop any case that does not have enough evidence to convict a player of a crime. Judges may also choose to drop cases that have not been reported within 1 week of the crime taking place. ((Players who have valid reasons for not being able to post sooner should state these on their posts. A judge MAY choose to handle your case if he/she feels your reasons are valid.))
        Cases that can be handled by courts are limited to in-game crimes such as, but not limited to:
Broken deals of trade
Player killing
Spell abuse
     All cases must be backed up with evidence in the form of screenshots.