Board :Law
Author :Yulli
Subject :Harassment & Cursing
Date :8/3

Do not harass.  Do not make repeated offers to those who are not interested.  Do not abuse another person's feelings when they have told you it is intolerable.  Do not fill your kingdom with frivolous messages when you have been granted the power to make Sage (wise, kind and informative) statements.  When you do so, the person harassed, or several persons have been slightly wronged by you.  Consider your audience.

Do not be a nuisance at public events.  Doing so can result in your character being jailed.  Repeated offenders who harass multiple and different public events will be jailed.

Say nothing that you would feel uncomfortable saying or hearing face-to-face with the youngest or oldest members of the Kingdoms' community (about from 10 - 60) of both genders and from several races and nationalities.

These are common courtesies and easy to abide by.  Defy a member of the community's rights' and you will swiftly find your protections removed.  That is, if you cannot respect a fellow being's rights, then all the divine protections will be lifted.

For obvious reasons some words cannot be added to the filter system. This does NOT mean they are not cursing. The standard of this game is that if something is not appropriate for a 6yr old child to hear, it is NOT appropriate for this game. Claiming to have heard a word when you were 6yrs old, does not entitle you to repeat that word here.

Using symbols, such as *'s or %'s to replace letters in your post will still be considered cursing. Do not claim afterwards that the word you intended to use was a simple every day word. If that is the case USE the word you mean, do not risk having your words misunderstood by placing symbols in place of letters. Simply use the word you wish to use and there will be no misunderstandings. In most cases you will be warned and asked to change your post, but if it is obvious that you are attempting to hide a curse word, do not expect us to be so lenient with you. You will be jailed for cursing.

Similarly using acronyms will be considered cursing if it is clear to the judge/archon that you were intentionally trying to curse. If you are not trying to say something illegal then simply type it out to avoid any confusion. If you want to say "Summer Time Fun Umbrellas" then type it out. Do not use acronyms or you will be jailed for cursing.

Attempting to by-pass the filter system to curse out loud, or in whispers, may even be considered harassment. If you simply want to 'vent' you can do so, taking advantage of the filter system, and not cause unhappiness to other players.

Do not make references to drugs, or the taking of drugs. There are children who DO play this game and are influenced by their surroundings. People standing and talking about drug use does not make for a family friendly environment.

Respect your fellow players, and they in turn will respect you back.

Thank you,

Edited: Yulli (Hyul 9)