Board :Mages
Author :Mage Tutor Haedu
Subject :Overflow damage information!
Date :4/21
<b>Overflow Damage FAQ v1.6

<b>I.) What is 'overflow damage?'

Overflow damage is the ability for certain special attacks ('vitas') to distribute damage they did not need to kill an enemy to surrounding enemies.

<b>II.) What special attacks can trigger overflow damage?

Warriors: Slash, Berserk, Whirlwind, Siege
Barbarians: Rend, Townie
Rogues: Focused Blade (bug)
Monks: Son-kal (possible bug)
Everyone: Throw Axe, Kamikaze (Ilbon Knife) (possible bugs)

Thus, this ability is limited to Warriors, save for a few special cases, all of which may be bugs.

<b>III.) What pattern does overflow damage hit?

Overflow damage hits in an 'Inferno pattern,' which I will illustrate, using E for enemy and K for killed enemy:


If K is killed, it will hit every E shown, and nothing else. This is misleading as, using W for Warrior, this is typical:


The Warrior himself is in one of the spots! Thus, unless the Warrior is stacked on an enemy, or Throw Axe is used, the maximum number of overflow targets is three.

<b>IV.) What is the formula for overflow damage?

The formula for overflow damage is as follows:

Overflow Damage = (Damage Done - Damage Needed)*0.2

This is to zero AC and can be modified by AC, Sleep, and Sanctuary. Also, note that the number of enemies hit does not matter - overflow damage is not divided - and that a target killed by overflow damage will not cause more overflow damage.

An example:

A Warrior with 1,000,000 Vitality Whirlwinds an enemy with -50 AC and 500,000 Vitality. The Whirlwind will do 787,500 damage, which is 287,500 too much, and thus 57,500 is overflow damage. If this overflows to enemies that also have -50 AC, it will do 28,750 damage to each of them.

<b>V.) Do enemies killed by overflow damage yield experience?

Yes, they do, even when not previously damaged.

<b>VI.) Does overflow damage work in PK?

Yes, it does. Note that if someone heals out of a special attack that can cause overflow damage, like Berserk, the effect still triggers.

<b>VII.) How is overflow damage used in Polearm hunting?

The problem with Polearm hunting is that a PA set is not conducive to the overflow pattern. A PA set looks like this:


If the Warrior, W, kills any of these enemies, E, by stepping forward and using a special attack, the overflow damage is wasted. To avoid this, the Mage can move an enemy like so:


Notice now that the overflow damage, if the Warrior kills upward, is now applied to two enemies.

Kovar pointed out that this is also beneficial when a set is imperfect, due to a spawn, collapse, or error. Consider this:


This setup is not so terrible as it can result in the Warrior, perhaps with the help of a Hellfire, killing the enemy above him, which then overflows to the other three, both fixing the set and doing some good damage.

<b>VIII.) How is overflow damage used in non-Polearm hunting?

When Polearms are not used, such as in hunts where the fighters can kill enemies in one blow, setting becomes easier. The Mage need only do what they do for themselves - make Inferno sets, as depicted earlier, which can be even be shared amongst the group.

<b>IX.) Is it worth killing an enemy near death for overflow <b>damage?

This is a difficult question which depends on many variables, so only general guidance can be given.

If the Warrior is extremely strong, and is able to use the overflow damage that comes from killing an enemy near death to kill, or come close to killing, a group of enemies, then it is likely worth doing so. If not, then it is probably not worth doing so.

At any rate, it is at the discretion of the group how best to use this ability.


If you have any questions, comments, or corrections, please N-mail me.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed, particularly Caera for summoning, healing, and dying, and Orion for pointing out the obvious when I was blind.