Board :Mages
Author :Mage Tutor KarmaliZe
Subject :Totem Times~
Date :6/18
List of totem times. To find out what time it is in game, right click the little picture of a horizon beside the coordinates and directly underneath your experience bar. It will deisplay a digit, example; 06, it would be Chung Ryong totem time (4-9) At 10 the next totem time starts and the old totem time ends.

You can tell when it is your totem time, you will see a flicker of light flash on you and a sort of dust falling on you. This means it is your totem time. Take advantage!

Kugnae Mage Tutor

<b>Chung Ryong  
(from 04-09)

<b>Ju jak  
(from 10-15)

(from 16-21)

<b>Hyun moo  
(from 22-03)