Board :Mages
Author :Head Tutor Nussan
Subject :Quests: Druid's Bouquet Quest
Date :1/17

<b>Druid Bouquet Quest

1. Go to 173,212 in the Wilderness and enter the Druid area.
   Go to the north east corner and enter the door to Silent
   glade. Go into the next room from there, Mystic garden,
   behind the board and the tree.

2. Click on that White Cat, Sophie, choose the last option.

3. Say Sophie out loud and the black cat (Sebastian) will
   respond. Sebastian will ask for two types of food. Hand
  them to him.

4. Click on the White Cat. Sophie is pleased and will give
   you a token.

5. Wait 3-4 hours IRL for the seeds to grow. Then click on
   Sophie (the white cat) and she will hand you Sophie's Gift.

6. When you get Sophie's Gift you are told to seek out Yarlof.
   He is the wise man on Du mountain. Go to Artic and head
   west. Climb the mountain to Yarlof, bring your flowers and
   the Fine cloth.

7. First say Sophie to Yarlof, then say Flower. He will give
   you a test. You can find more information about the flowers
   in the Druid's scroll, but here is a small overview of the

Daffodil: Hope, Chivarly.
Dawn Tulip: Clear Vision, Divination.
Golden Sunset: Courage, Strength, Justice, Respect.
Greater Tulip: Protection.
Heaven's Bell: Wisdom, Ancestral.
Midnight's Reign: Truth.
Old Poppy: Sleep, Peace, Serenity, Dreams.
Rose: Love, Strength, Balance.
Dusk Blossom: Death, Change, Closure.
Fallen Star: Life, Remembrance.
Yuri's Love: Purification, Sacred.

9. After completing the test, you will receive a token.
  Bring the token, 12 flowers of any one type, and one Fine
  cloth to Yarlof. Say "Bouquet" to him, and he will make you
  a bouquet of the flowers you have chosen and the Fine

Note: You can complete this quest twice in order to recieve two bouquets.

Legend mark: Aided the Druids in the mystic garden.