Board :Mages
Author :Head Tutor Nussan
Subject :Path hall rules
Date :3/9
                  ~Hall Rules~

#1  Obey all Nexus laws inside the Path hall or you will be
    removed and possibly be reported to justice. This includes        
   no cursing, no bug abuse, and no harassment. Blocking
    doors, 'spamming traps' on the floor and using Race/Flames
    essence to put yourself on top of the NPC is also strictly

#2  If a Tutor of another path enters the hall, do not kill
   them if they stand unarmed against the wall. You may only
    attack or kill them if they agree to fight with you.

#3  If there is a duel (Duel, Joust, 'Ka game', etc) going on
    (please lay scrolls on the edges of the mat to indicate
   it) don't go on the mat, don't attack/kill the duelers,
    don't steal the scrolls, and don't do anything else to
    interrupt them. It is suggested that you duel in a less
    crowded hall to avoid disruption.

#4  If the Tutor needs the hall for a class or private lesson,
    please understand that you will be required to continue
    duelling at another arena or simply "Observe".

If there is a disruption that is in violation to these rules, please contact a tutor. Please be aware that they are players just like you and they may not always be free to assist you.

Should anyone be found disrupting path classes/tutelage or harassing the tutors, they will face the possibility of being removed, or jailed. Tutors reserve the right to remove anyone from the path hall that they feel are causing a disruption, and should such behaviour continue, further punishment will ensue.

For the handful of people who have been given repeated warnings, you will be monitored closely and will be given no further warnings about this matter. You can be jailed for Harassment should your actions continue.  

Should you have any questions about this, please contact Nussan via nmail.

Head Tutor