Board :Mages
Author :Head Tutor Nussan
Subject :Spells: Sa san spell requirements
Date :4/20


These are the items needed for Sa san mage spells so far. More information about the spells will be added. This post does -not- include the spell that Seyn has a quest for. The names of spells in this post are for a mage aligned with Ohaeng.

<b>Blessing of Hroth
Holy ring: 6
Angry heart: 1
Scroll of protection: 3
480,000 coins

<b>Mask of centurion
Angel's tear: 3
Surge: 3
Angry essence: 100
160,000 coins

<b>Fog of encumbrance
Tao stone: 3
Surge: 4
Star staff: 3
550,000 coins

<b>Incantation of chains
Surge: 5
Scribe's book: 2
Angry essence: 100
450,000 coins

Thank you to Najun for this information.

Head Tutor