Board :Mages
Author :Head Tutor Nussan
Subject :Crafting: Mental skills charts
Date :9/24
<b>                   ~MENTAL SKILLS~

Remember, skills are based on successes, not on materials used, so your mileage will vary from these charts. However, you should get somewhere in the range of what these charts are saying, as each person may craft better or worse. It depends on your path, subpath, totem time and just plain luck.

Master-Grand Master always seem to be between 250-300% of what you did between Expert and Master. Champion is double the amount Master-Grand master, and Legendary is double the amount Grand Master-Champion.

Use the Alchemy chart for finding out how much to the next level for scribing. They're nearly exactly the same.

<b>Alchemy and Scribing
                      (total potions/scrolls)
Novice-Apprentice                65
Apprentice-Accomplished         550
Accomplished-Adept             1048
Adept-Talented                 2214
Talented-Skilled               5186
Skilled-Expert                 6163
Expert-Master                  7730
Master-Grand Master           23917
Grand Master-Champion         48383
Champion-Legendary           102000  

Thank you to everyone who sent your charts in!

Head Tutor