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Author :Head Tutor Nussan
Subject :Crafting: Machines and time
Date :9/24

Crafting Time

For several Yuri's now, many different methods of crafting have been tested. This crafting guide is mainly geared towards those who use crafting "tables" example:  looms, gem tables, forges, carpentery tables to hone their skills at crafting.

If you use these tables you will notice that there are four options to choose from. Most people just pick whichever one works the best for them when they go to use them BUT did you know that there is a method to it? I will show you the method.

Each of the four ways of crafting represents a totem animal. It is always in this order:

Option 1 - Hyun moo  (from 22-03)
Option 2 - Chung Ryong  (from 04-09)
Option 3 - Ju jak  (from 10-15)
Option 4 - Baekho  (from 16-21)

Each of the four ways works best during its totem time regardless of what your totem animal is. Thus... during Hyun moo time it is always best to use option number 1. During Ju jak time it is always best to use option number 3 and so on.

Now some people might say "No it is best to do crafting during your totem time. I always do it then"  Well... in a sense I suppose it is true. However, keep in mind, you do not make more money during that time. Your skill levels just raise quicker.

(Note: so this essentially says when possible you will get best results in turnout and skill increase when you can craft during your totem time and use the corresponding option #)
So... Give it a try. I've found this method works best with gemcutting!

(Author unknown)

Good luck to all and happy crafting!

Head Tutor