Board :Mages
Author :Head Tutor Nussan
Subject :Karma levels
Date :9/24

<b>Karma Levels

<b>Shunnyo (Angel)
You are one with the Gods, and your soul is worthy to dwell amongst them (you may now get a Faerie Light).

<b>Angel's tear
Your journey has been long, you have achieved inner peace and tranquility, you speak with the Gods. (Here to Angel, 14 mentors.)

You have reached the threshold of Immortality, you put aside Mortal possesions and passions. (Here to Angel's Tear, 8 mentors.)

You are at the pinnacle of mortal grace, your soul is noble, beautiful and fearsome to behold. (Here to Spirit, 4 mentors.)

You have entered the nobility of souls - fierce, wise and just. (Here to Dragon 4, mentors.)

You hold quiet power and great wisdom, confidence and fortitude. (Here to Tiger 3, mentors.)

You are stalwart and honest, worthy of trust, strong of heart. (Here to Bear, 1 mentor.)

You are clever and good-hearted, the Gods smile on you. (Here to Ox, 1 mentor.)

<b>Jindo dog
You are faithful to the teaching of the Gods. (here to Monkey, 1 mentor)

Your soul moves ever quicker toward its goal.

Your education progresses, you store knowledge for the ordeals to come. (here to Dog, 1 mentor)

You have begun the journey to perfection.

You are out of favor with the Gods, you must purify your soul and cleanse your spirit.

You are among the cursed of the Earth, you crawl alone in shame. (seek forgiveness immediately)

Head Tutor