Board :Mages
Author :Head Tutor Nussan
Subject :Quests: Moon quest
Date :9/24

Moon Garb/Dress Quest
Level Required : 76
Prerequisite: Star Quest
Karma Needed: Ox
How to Begin: Say "Moon" to Kugnae or Buya Mage Guildmaster

1. Your guildmaster will instruct you to kill the creature with the shortest name in the Nexus. That creature's name is Li and can be found deep within Sute's Cave in Buya. A good thing to do now is kill Sute as well and grab his key. Sute's Key will be needed later in the quest. And since you can only get the Sute dye every few hours, this will save you some time.

2. He now instructs you to kill the slowest creature in the Nexus, which is the White Wolf in the Buya Fox cave.

3. He requires you to collect some items for him. He needs a trigram key set (Earth, Fire, Heaven, Mountain, Wind, Pond, Thunder, Water respectively above) and a Sute's Key.

4. He will now ask for 2 Star-staves and a Holy Ring, which he will take from you.

5. For your final step he will ask for a Star garb/dress (Depending on your sex). Any star garb/dress will do, whether it's bonded to someone else, your bonded one, or even a nonbonded one. He will also ask for (2) points of Karma and (2) points of Will to complete your quest.

Items Lost to Sacrifice:
(1) Trigram Key Set and (1) Sute's Key [Step 3]
(1) Holy Ring and (2) Star-staff [Step 4]
(1) Star Garb/Dress [Step 5]

Stats/Karma Lost to Sacrifice:
(2) Karma and (2) Will [Step 5]

-A legend mark showing your completion of the quest!
-Your bonded Moon Armor!
 Male - Moon Garb
Female - Moon Dress

Head Tutor