Board :Mages
Author :Head Tutor Nussan
Subject :Quests: Sun quest
Date :9/24

Sun Garb/Dress Quest
Level Required: 86
Prerequisite: Moon Quest Above
Karma Needed: Tiger
How to Begin: Say "Sun" to Kugnae or Buya Mage Guildmaster

1. To begin your Sun quest your guildmaster first instructs you to kill 40 Fluffs and 40 Thumps in Mythic Rabbit 3. Be careful because Hops look exactly like Thumps and WILL screw up your count! You must do this in Rabbit 3, so even though you "can" start this quest at 86, you cannot do this part until you are at least 20k vita or 10k mana.

2. Your guildmaster will ask for three items with "Star" in the name (excluding armor). You can bring him 3 of the 4 items  Star Powder (for sale in Arena shops), a Star Drop (drops in Snow caves), a Star-staff, and/or a Star burst (created by carpenters).

3. Now you will be instructed to kill one creature found within the Nexus that has "Slow" in it's name. The three creatures are Skeleton Warrior in Kugnae Haunted House Basement, Wild Horse in Horse 1, and Wild Rooster in Rooster 1.

4. Bring guildmaster 20 White Ambers, 4 Holy Rings, 5 Star-staves, and 2 Corrupted Staves. He will let you keep a portion of them.

5. The hard part is over now, the rest is all tedious. Kill the massive scorpion in Kugnae Spider Cave.

6. Now you are instructed to kill 200 Rabbits and nothing else. Be sure to not accidentally kill a squirrel along the way. Killing 200 rabbits sounds easy enough but its agonizing if you accidentally kill the passing by cat.

7. Now you must kill 200 squirrels and obtain 14 Gold acorns. You can just as easily buy 14 gold acorns, but you must have killed at least 200 squirrels prior to this. Like the bunnies, be sure not to accidentally kill other creatures or you will have to start from 1.

8. For your final step he will ask for a Moon garb/dress (Depending on your sex). Any moon garb/dress will do, whether it's bonded to someone else, your bonded one, or even a nonbonded one. He will also ask for (2) points of Might, (2) points of Grace, (3) points of Will, and (3) points of Karma to complete your quest.

Items Lost to Sacrifice:
(1) Stardrop, (1) Starburst, (1) Star-staff and/or (1) Star
    Powder [Step 2]
(4) Holy Ring, (5) Star-staff (Not Counting the 1 from Step
   2), (20) White Amber, and (2) Corrupted staff [Step 4]
(14) Gold Acorn [Step 7]
(1) Moon Garb/Dress [Step 8]

Stats/Karma lost to Sacrifice:
(2) Might, (2) Grace, (3) Will, and (3) Karma [Step 8]

-A Llgend mark showing your completion of the quest!
-Your Bonded Sun Armor!
 Male - Sun Garb
Female - Sun Dress

Head Tutor