Board :Mages
Author :Head Tutor Nussan
Subject :Quests: Nagnang Mage quest
Date :9/24

Level 55, and you must have the spell "Vex"

1. Go to the Nangen Mage hall at 127, 35 Nagnang. It is
   easiest to get to by going to the East gate and North.

2. Speak to Wand, and choose the option "Mage Stone"

3. He will talk of three Prophets who live to the north of
   the Mage guild. They are located at 132, 23 Nagnang.

4. When you go inside, go to the top of the cave. There will
   be 3 doors. Starting at the left, there is Yin, then Yang,
   and finally Void. There are Rats above each door.

5. In order to get the Prophets to speak with you, you must
   cast vex on one of the rats, and zap it. It will die.
   Then, go into the room and speak to the Prophet.

6. When you speak with Yin, he will ask you to gather a Rose
  for him.

7. When you speak to Yang, he will ask you to get a piece
   of Ore [high] for him.

8. And finally, Void will ask you to go to the Cemetary in
   Southern  Koguryo, and walk around inside the crypts.
   Keep doing so until you recieve a popup from one of the
   spirits dwelling there. Listen to what the spirit has to
   say, and then go back to Void.

9. To finish, you must go back to Wand, and click on the
   "Mage Stone" option. You will recieve a new legend mark:
   "Family to the Nangen Mages" and a Spirit stone!

~Nangen Mage Tutor~