Board :Mages
Author :Head Tutor Nussan
Subject :Quests: Shield quest
Date :9/24

1.  Go to the Baek Shop in Kugnae (18,13) with 1 Fine Metal
   and 1 Soup Bowl.
2.  Say "Compass" to Baek.
3.  Say "Nagnag".
4.  Say "Nagnag" again and give the Fine Metal and Soup Bowl.
5.  Go to the Dark Forest located in Northern Nagnang.
6.  Use the compass and go in the direction it tells you to.
    There is one defined "last room", if you wander here
   without compasses you CAN go to the farm, but you MUST
    use one compass in that room. The popup triggers entrance.
7.  At the farm, click on Majhum (ghost).
8.  Go to Koguryo and head to the Western Shaman.
9.  Say "Majhum" to Dusk.
10. Return to the farm and click Majhum. If you say "Dusk"
    at this point or at any later point, Majhum will reward
   you with karma for relaying the Shaman's message!
11. Say "Bridge".
12. Gather 10 Ginko wood and 10 Wool. You need to go to the
    Wilderness weaver and say "Twine". She will make you a
    Twine in exchange for your 10 wool.
13. Return to Majhum and say "Bridge" to receive stilts.
14. Go left of the house and walk onto the water to cross.
15. Go east to Benitnath's Island.
16. Enter Benitnath's House.
17. Click on Benitnath and then say "Sewers". You will need
   a lantern.
18. Travel through the sewers until you reach Nagnag's
    Courtyard from the inside. There is one dead end, if you
    find yourself with nowhere to go, backtrack two rooms and
    head into the northeast entrance.
19. Head to the east wall, then go to the Office and say
    "Lockpick". With wood scraps and a fine steel dagger,
    head to see Maso and say "Lockpick" to receive one.
20. Return to Nagnag's Courtyard and pick the lock on the
   Eastern Door.
21. Enter Nagnag's Palace and enter the southeast door.
22. Follow through the rooms until you find an NPC. This NPC
    will offer you items depending on your level. You can
    get as many of any item as you wish, assuming you can    
    provide the proper items.

Magic amulet: Level 11
Magic rune: Level 39
Magic ward: Level 69
Mages ward: Level 97          
Enchanted ward: Il San
Conjurors ward: Ee San
Mysticism ward: Sam San

<B>                   Required Items
<b>Magic amulet
10 Bear's livers
1 Herb pipe
1 Earth clothes
1,000 coins

<b>Magic rune
1 Star-staff
1 Metal
4,000 coins

<b>Magic ward
1 Scroll of invocation
1 Holy ring
14,000 coins

<b>Mages ward
1 Scroll of invocation
1 Surge
24,000 coins

<b>Enchanted ward
1 Scroll of invocation
1 Il san surge
48,000 coins

<b>Conjurors ward
1 Scroll of invocation
1 Ee san surge
96,000 coins

<b>Mysticism ward
1 Scroll of invocation
1 Sam san surge
192,000 coins

Head Tutor