Board :Mages
Author :Head Tutor Nussan
Subject :Potions and Scrolls
Date :9/25

<b>Name                 Duration     Effect     Where to find

Clear water song:       N/A       Purge              B
Sacred poem:            185s      Harden armor       B
Scroll of Defense:      350s   Enhanced protection   S
Scroll of Invocation:    N/A     Invoke              S                    
Scroll of Immortality:   16s    Harden body          S
Scroll of Protection:   250s  Curse protection       S
War poem:               185s     Sanctuary           B
Aqua potion:            185s     Sanctuary           E
Black potion:             6s   Chin-Baek-Ho-Ryung    A
Blue potion:             N/A    100 vita heal        B
Brown potion:           185s    Harden armor         B              
Green potion:           185s      Sanctuary          B
Indigo potion:           N/A       Purge             B
Leech juice              N/A   Heals 33% of vita     E
Lime potion:            250s      Sanctuary          A
Muddy potion:           185s     Harden armor        E
Purple potion:           75s   Increase metabolism   A
Red potion:              N/A    100% vita heal       B
Violet potion:           N/A     200 vita heal       B
White potion:            N/A    Turn shout off       B
Yellow potion:           N/A     50 vita heal        B

E = Animals drops it.
S = Scribe makes it.
A = Alchemist makes it.
B = Bought at shop.

Kugnae Scroll shop: 17, 13.
Kugnae Potion shop: 197, 200.
Buyan Potion shop: 30, 143.

Harden armor:         -10 ac.
Sanctuary:            Reduces damage.
Increase metabolism:  Regenerate twice as much, twice as fast.
Purge:                Removes Venom, Burn and Poison
Chin-Baek-Ho-Ryung:   Makes vita attacks stronger.
Curse protection:     Cannot be attacked with +Ac curses.
Enhanced protection:  Cannot be attacked with +Ac curses.
Invoke:               Restores mana

-Fire prophet