Board :Mages
Author :Head Tutor Nussan
Subject :Keeping time in the Kingdom
Date :9/25

<b>Keeping Time in the Three Kingdoms

"Yuri" or "Hyul" is the name of the King of Koguryo, and time in the Samguk (Three Kingdoms) is reckoned from his coronation, regardless of nation or region. "Yuri/Hyul XX" is short for "the XXth year of King Yuri's/Hyul's reign," not "the XXth yuri/hyul of King Yuri's/Hyul's reign."

"A yuri/hyul" does not exist and is a common misnomer.

In terms of conversion between IG and OOG time, Nexus runs at 8x time compression. That is to say, N-time goes 8 times faster than real time. So, when 1 minute in real time has elapsed, 8 minutes have gone by in Nexus. 1 real hour equals 8 N-hours. By the time 1 real month has passed 8 moons, the in-game term for "month," have elapsed.

Looking at it from the other side, 1 N-hour takes 7.5 real minutes. 1 N-day takes 3 real hours (because 3 real hours x 8 N-hours/real hour = 24). 1 N-week takes 21 real hours (because since 1 N-day takes 3 real hours, therefore 7 N-days x 3 real hours/N-day = 21).

The average in-game month lasts about 3 and 3/4 days, or 3 days and 18 hours. Your mileage may vary.

Now, the answer to question on everyone's mind: one in-game year lasts approximately 45 out-of-game days, or 1 and 1/2 months. Take a 365-day-long year and divide it by 8 to find how much out-of-game time it takes in order for one in-game year to elapse. The answer to this is 45 and 5/8 days, or 45 days and 15 hours.

<b>Conversion chart: OOG to IG
1 OOG second = 8 IG seconds
1 OOG minute = 8 IG minutes
1 OOG hour = 8 IG hours
1 OOG day = 8 IG days
1 OOG week = 8 IG weeks
1 OOG month = 8 IG months
1 OOG year = 8 IG years

<b>Conversion chart: IG to OOG
1 IG minute = 7.5 OOG seconds
1 IG hour = 7.5 OOG minutes
1 IG day = 3 OOG hours
1 IG week = 21 OOG hours
1 IG month = approx. 3-4 (avg. 3.75) OOG days
1 IG year = 45.625 days

So, instead of "going away for the weekend," you can "leave for a moon." Instead of telling your friends that you'll be "away for a couple weeks," perhaps you could spice up your speech and tell them that you will be "leaving for four moons."

Refer to a twelve-moon cycle as "a year," just as in real life, since "real" OOG life does not exist in our game-world, and our world of Nexus, from our characters' perspective, is "the real thing.".

Thank you to Sailortaurus for the help.