Board :Mages
Author :Head Tutor Nussan
Subject :Say Macros
Date :9/25


A lot of people don't seem to know this so here's a little something to clear things up!

You can use your Say macros in different ways. For example, you can macro shout or clan chat. Here's what you can do:

<b>Explains several commands.

/whisper <name> <message>
/tell <name> <message>
/w <name> <message>
/t <name> <message>
<b>Send a private message.

/clanchat <message>
/clan <message>
/c <message>
/g <message>
<b>Send a message to your clan.

/subpathchat <message>
/sp <message>  
<b>Send a message to your subpath.

/shout <message>
/s <message>
<b>Shout a message to everyone around you.

/random <number>-<number>
/roll <number>-<number>
<b>Rolls a random number.

/r <message>
<b>Archon channel, not to be used except under special <b>circumstances.

/novice <message>
/tutor <message>
/n <message>
<b>Send a message to the new player channel, if you're part
<b>of the Novice clan.

All of them except for /sp and /roll can be done with just one letter, making it much easier to fit text into your macros.

Melalye                              Nussan
Kugnae Rogue Tutor                   Head Tutor