Board :Mages
Author :Head Tutor Nussan
Subject :Easter candy information
Date :9/25

This year we could find pieces of different candy on the ground throughout the Kingdoms! There were 8 types, all with a different effect. Here is what they do!


<b>Chocolate :
Casts 'Explorers remedy" - Self-heal spell
Heals 6,000 Vitality
Mana to cast : 4,000

<b>Striped red candy :
Casts "Amber Flames" spell.
Casts an inferno/hellfire type spell that damages every animal/person that is touching you. Mana is drained to zero.

<b>Striped blue candy :
Casts "Desperate Attack" spell.
This is the same attack spell that rogues use.

<b>Striped yellow candy :
Casts "Magic rabbit form"
Turns you into a Rabbit, like the Mythic rabbit sentries or boss
Lasts for 2,500 seconds.

<b>Striped green candy :
Casts "Whirlwind"
Uses  Whirlwind (WW) attack from Warrior path. Takes you down to 10 vita. Powerful vita attack that used to be warrior only. Hooray for candies! Just be careful!

<b>Creme-filled candy :
Casts "Enchanted Life"
Casts Harden body that lasts for -25- seconds. Lasts about 2 times as long as regular poet harden body.

<b>Fruit filled candy :
Casts "Invoke" spell
Just like regular invoke spell, your mana is refilled to 100% in exchange for a little vita (or a lot), depending on your vita/mana ratio. That ratio will determine how much vitality is taken.

<b>Honey-filled candy :
Casts "Endear"
Face a monster or animal and use the candy. The monster or animal will now be your friend and fight on your side. This is the same Endear spell that Poets have. Hardly ever fails.

Head Tutor