Board :Mages
Author :Head Tutor Nussan
Subject :Alignments
Date :9/30

<b>Choosing your Alignment

There are now three  paths that you may choose between at level 45, besides the subpaths. Choosing one of these paths WILL NOT affect  your  subpath. In order to restore and create a new balance within our kingdoms, the gods have created three paths for us to choose:  Ming-Ken (Life), Ohaeng (Neutral), and Kwi-Sin (Afterlife), each holds its own name and effects for spells. You must be level 45 to choose one of these paths, and find its shrine hidden somewhere throughout the kingdoms.

Here is where you can find the various temples:

Ming-Ken: Islets (Coords: 31, 84)
Ohaeng: Wilderness (Coords: 78, 184)
Kwi-Sin: Artic Village (Coords: 56, 21)
Note: Once you choose your alignment, you can only change it by losing 10,000 vitality, 5,000 mana and ALL of your spells. Think very carefully before choosing your alignment!

<b>Changing your Alignment

-Level 99
-At least 20000 Vitality
-At least 10000 Mana
-Trigram Keyset

1) Clear your mind of all the impure thoughts of your old
   alignment. ((Forget ALL your spells.))

2) Go to the Tiger Palace located in the Arctic Lands. Speak
   with the Shaman there and hand her your keys in this order,
   reading everything she says as you go: Pond, Heaven, Fire,
   Wind, Thunder, Water, Earth, Mountain. You will be unlocked
   and may enter.

3) Journey to the second to last room, Sun Heart. Here is a
   set of directions with coordinates between rooms:

Earth Palace --> Sea Palace     0,11
Sea Palace --> Labryinth        0,17
Labryinth --> Sun Palace       15,0
Sun Palace --> Earth Stripes   18,0
Earth Stripes --> Sun Splash    0,13
Sun splash --> Elancia          0,19
Elancia --> Cross Palace       10,23
Cross Palace --> Rose Palace   13,0
Rose Palace --> *Sun Heart*    15,0
Sun Heart --> Last Remorse     28,9

4) When you reach this room, say "Cleanse Curse". You will be

5) Reveal that you need help.

6) Your old Alignment will be removed and 10,000 vitality/
  5,000 mana will be taken from you (permanently). Change
   your Alignment in any of the Shrines and relearn your

Revised by Nussan