Board :Market (Sell)
Author :Yallowish
Subject :Items and Things <3
Date :7/16
Yallows Collectables
550 Ambers
(I collect a lot i swear)

Lucky Silver coin x2  - 90 Rogue
Maxcaliber x1         - N/A            
Moon Helmet x1        - N/A  

Il san
Red Thick Gutuls x2   - Caster  
Seasons fan x1        - Fan    
Shade Diamond x1      - Caster  
Worn Daemon Heart x5  - Vortex  
Worn Luck Amulet x1   - Vortex  
Worn Lurid Eye x1     - Vortex  
Worn Occult Sphere x2 - Vortex  

Ee san
Black Solid Gutuls x3 - Fighter
Cerise Diamond x1     - Caster
Dragon fan x1         - Fan
Ee san Charm x1       - BONDED        
Old Hand Drum x1      - Vortex  
Old Luck Amulet x2    - Vortex  
Old Lurird Eye x3     - Vortex  
Old Occult Sphere x1  - Vortex  
Old Steel Bracelet x1 - Vortex  
Red Solid Gutuls x1   - Caster  

Sam san
Mountain's Promise x1 - Sam san

Sa san
Im not Cool enough to have Sa san things ;-;