Board :Kingdom Tribune
Author :Scribe SunWangLee
Subject :Volume IX, Issue 1, Page 3
Date :6/2
Merchants!  An Inside Scoop
Article Written by: Mage Haleigha

When one mentions the Merchant Guild of Kugnae, immediately images such as stacks of gold nuggets, and pools full of jewels come to mind, but is this really what the Merchant Guild is all about? Is this the message they are trying to portray to our community, that they are rich, and we are not? The answer to those questions is absolutely not. Although not active recently with kingdom events, the Merchant Guild cares deeply for the growth of the community and supports that growth. Many of the Merchants, although presumed wealthy and haughty, choose to blend in with the rest of the masses, not flaunting their wealth or status to anyone. I sat down recently with one of the Merchant guides, Beilek, a wonderful example of a true Merchant.

Beilek has always considered himself a Merchant, since he was very young. He enjoyed spending time in the market and loved watching the interaction and trading between various people. It is only fitting that now he has become not only a Merchant, but a guide of the path that he's felt drawn to since a very young age.

When asked about the recent accusations of Merchants being greedy, Beilek stated, "Accusations of greed will always be there, because of the nature of our path.  Yes, we do take in a large amount of money for our services, but we also use a portion of that money to provide events and prizes for the community." Although those events have been few and far between recently, with the exception of the weekly Merchant Midnight Madness (held Saturdays at midnight EST, be sure to check the boards!) Beilek ensures that sooner rather than later, the community will be seeing many more Merchant events, and many opportunities to obtain glorious prizes.

Before our interview concluded, Beilek was kind enough to give me some words of wisdom for all the young Rogues who seek to become a member of the Merchant path. Although there are no specifications that define the "ideal" Merchant, Beilek gave me a few pointers as to what is required from a Merchant. He had this to say, "The most important being trust.  Trust is the foundation of trade, and commerce.  They should also have a good knowledge of the market and economy of the land.  They must always remember that we are servants of the community, because there is no profit where there are no customers." Those who feel drawn to the path must remember that there are differences between a Merchant and the everyday trader. Beilek pointed out that many Merchants do not just merely trade, but also scour the lands in search of treasure. He also stated that any Rogue interested in the Merchant Guild should contact one of the talented and friendly guides (himself included) and also pick up one of the Merchant scrolls, the Knowledge of Wealth (which can be found at the Merchant public area in Kugnae, 100, 158).

Spending time with Merchant Beilek can lead one to better understand the ways of the Merchant Guild. They are a quiet yet powerful subpath with roots in all corners of the kingdoms, they care deeply for the growth of the community, for the understand that they too are a part of it. Beilek is soft spoken and kind, yet his deep passion for the Merchant path is more than evident and as I have noticed, that seems to be the case with all the Merchants.

Beilek is a prominent guide for the Merchant sub-path and is always open for comment, questions and suggestions.  Mage Haleigha is a free-lance contributor writer for the Kugnae Kingdom Tribune.