Board :Kingdom Tribune
Author :Scribe SunWangLee
Subject :Volume IX, Issue 1, Page 2
Date :6/2
National Defense: An In-Depth Look At The Koguryo Royal Army.
Article Written by: Mage Taloola

Interviewer Taloola: General Hatiki, what do you think the status of our National Defense status is today?
General Hatiki:  Well of course, I do believe our National Defense is doing great.  I have soldiers patrolling our borders everyday and I get reports back after every patrol.  On top of that, we have the Kingdom's Clan Militia's who help out a lot in our National Defense.  Whenever the kingdom's army is in need of more men, I can count on the Primogens to send their militias to aid.

Taloola:  Are you happy with the direction the KRA is taking?
Hatiki:  Of course!  The KRA has grown lots and still continues to grow.  There are many things we can improve on, but it takes time.

Taloola:  What is your most important contribution to the KRA?
Hatiki:  I think the one thing that stands out is being able to lead this army, just by being available.  Can't lead an army if I'm not around, right?  -Laughs-

Taloola:  How can patriotic young men and women join the ranks of the KRA?
Hatiki:  Lt. Colonel EternaJynx posts our application daily on the Clan and Subpath board so those who wish to join our ranks may fill it out and send their application to one of the Lt. Colonels listed on the application.

Taloola:  Are there any special qualifications you are looking for?
Hatiki:  Well, like most clans and armies, we don't want men or women who have negative brandings.  But, we do like the men and women who dedicate themselves to protecting Koguryo and who can do their part in the army.

Taloola:  Anything else you would like the citizens of our nation to know?
Hatiki:  If they have any concerns regarding the Nation's defense or ideas to improve defense, they can send me a letter and I'll send them a reply.

If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to N-Mail General Hatiki of the Koguryo Royal Army about Koguryo National Defense.  Mage Taloola is a free lance writer contributor for the Kingdom Tribune.