Board :Kingdom Tribune
Author :Scribe SunWangLee
Subject :*Kugnae Tribune: The Love Personals*
Date :6/18
                           _.-----'' `\
              __..-----'''            `.
             <            `\.           '\
             :.      The    `.           `\
              `:.   Kugnae     `.  Tribune  `-.
                `:\              `.    News    `+.
                  `:.              `.  __.===::::;)
                    `:         ___.__>'::::::a:f/'
                      `.  _,===:::=-'-=-"""''

                        <: Presents :>
                   <3 The Love Personals! <3

          The Kugnae Tribune publishes a bi-weekly
           newspaper for all the readers of the
           kingdom.  We have some advertisement space
           for the certain individuals seeking love
           and new friends.  

          Write us a Love Personal and it'll be
           published free of charge!  Just write a
           short paragraph, three to four sentences
           (If it goes over, it's subjected to be
           edited) about yourself and what you seek
           in your love.  

          Oh my god!  Not only are we giving you free
           advertisement space, but we will hand out a
           prize for the best love personal!  

          This weeks prize:       50,ooo coins
          N-Mail them to:         SunWangLee

          Submit Personals by:    April 28, 2007

          The Kugnae Tribune is located in Kugnae
          coordinates 46, 168.  Near the Inns

          Disclaimer:  All articles submitted to the
           Editor in Chief SunWangLee becomes property
          of the Kugnae Tribune and subjected to be
           published at any time of it's chosing.