Board :Kingdom Tribune
Author :Scribe Vini
Date :1/31

Greetings Nexus Community,
The newspaper board of the Kingdom of Winds, known as Kingdom Tribune, is back available to reading. As recently announced, I was announced as the new editor of the board and have been working on renewing the tribune so it can become a habit of reading again and a useful tool to assist our citizens.

The purpose Kingdom Tribune is to bring clean and independent journalism to people about the most important facts and things to debate over the happenings in Nexus and also bring a bit of joy and pleasure to the readers. The newspaper will be posted weekly, usually on wednesdays and shall have a new but stable format. The Kingdom Tribune will contain:
- Editorials
- International News
- Koguryo News
- Buya News
- Nagnang News
- Culture articles
- Interviews
- Horoscopes

It may also include seasonal chronicles, notes, articles and revivals of old news. The number counting was reset to 1 since the whole newspaper sctructure was re-done.

If anyone is interested in contributing or working for Kingdom Tribune please do not just request it, send it some work of your own and it might be considered. Enjoy your readings and let your friends know that Kingdom Tribune is back to be your in-Nexus news reference.

~Scribe Vini Normad'or~