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Author :Scribe Vini
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Date :1/31
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A Review of Mug's 1st Year                     Vini Normad'or
In the past year, the lands of Nexus have changed a lot. It was 400 days ago when the community first heard of the name of a certain someone who would come to make history in the Kingdom of Winds. He's called Mug and has a habit of just drinking coffee. Right at the start people noticed some things would change in the matters of Gods relations with people. The Dream Weavers board which was rarely used as a form of communication turned into the constant report of resets, updates and major changes to the realm.

Right at the beginning of Mug's legacy, another mysterious figure, Stein, had announced the introduction of a very controversial new feature. The Rings and tribes were finally added for real to nexus and such thing scared the stability of the clans and armies. They feared that many people would leave their clans to form small rings and tribes and soon the structure of the clans would collapse.  The exodus indeed happened but the impact on the clans was not like imagined. Just like any other new feature, curious people go and try to experiment it, but soon such ones found that there was nothing better in rings and tribes that would justify them leaving their clans with enormous halls and lots of facilities. After months clans realized these new ones wouldn't be so problematic to them.

Over the next upgrades, the kingdoms received quite some updates long waited by the community. The sub-paths finally got one by one their so long waited weapons. Just Muses and Merchants seem to not have it yet. Although in other hands, Muses got a new purple dye unique to them to cast. Druids and Monks were also blessed with path dyes but those two are harder to obtain. The Warrior path has finally been given the long waited hunting balance blessed by the so called stances. Chonguns and Barbarians were granted with this weaker form of Rage of Chung Ryongs so they can compete into hunting grounds again. Do sub-path already could compete, but later it was given a fury to help a bit more. On later times, it was the Rogue path that was balanced by given furies to each of the three sub-paths. The problems in the hunting grounds were fixed and sub-paths were finally balanced in terms of earning experience. Yet, in terms of facilities and other spells or items, the Merchants still seem to be forgotten by Gods.

Besides sub-paths updates, various others new features were added. The possibility to do offline demotions helped each and every organization, and the ability to forge a tigram key set using creation system spared the banks of many people. The armies all have gotten a spear to wield during marches and the Fox Hunts were finally given prizes option. In mythic grounds the intelligence of the Mythic bosses has been increased but then alliances became doable even being grouped.

The hunting grounds of nexus have been revamped. The Woodlands turned from a place of lower levels to hunt, into a new option of caves for every person to go, with the addition of various new drops there including some quite good equipments. The ogres in Hamyong Nam-Do also have expanded their lines; other caves been found there and such ones brought together to hunt people from lower levels up to the highest. New quests been found and new goals been traced. During this time nexus has changed so much that anyone who has been out during this time would have hard time getting filled in with the amount of changes.
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