Board :Kingdom Tribune
Author :Scribe Vini
Subject :** Tribune Editorial - Page 2 **
Date :1/31
|Kingdom Tribune|                                   |Volume 1|


While talking about goals change, what was noticed was that it was nexus that had its main target changed. With the introduction of the new Kruna Item shop people could see that there was a big change of focus in the realm. Instead of having stories as the main attraction, Nexus lands turned into a place ruled by Kruna items. The success of the new items is unquestionable but the attention that it draws from Mug makes nexus lose some of its greatest features, the story it has. During this time a decrease of role-playing incentives was noticed. Mug surely tries to bring role-play with every new Kruna item released; but it seems community has lost the passion for it and hardly ever it is being used. Events became a second plane and such ones being lacking something special to it.

It's quite controversial to analyze this while one of the most audacious episodes of Nexus history happened during Mug era. The death of King Yuri, long feared by many, long waited by others suddenly happened. A huge came with such happening as M'hul has ascended to King of Koguryo. The history and stories of the Kingdom of Winds would change forever after that. Things like that make people unsure about the future of nexus events.

What is sure is that Mug is trying to improve nexus; the last event with General HanXin vs. Bluestone was proof of that. The story which started quite confusing and had some odd parts like the Warrior General breaking the spell bonding the clan workers, ended up turning great when community was given the opportunity to pick which side they would want to fight for.  The big promise of change now is the huge update so spoken about by Mug that shall be revamping the whole nexus system. The community is anxious to see it and Kingdom Tribune will surely be there to cover such news.
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