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Subject :** Nexus International - Page 3 **
Date :1/31
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Nexus 9th Anniversary                          Vini Normad'or

The Kingdoms of Winds had very festive moments this weekend.  The celebrations of the 9th anniversary came early and people could experience for the first time ever the marvelous Fireworks show in mythic nexus brought by a new figure called Fireworks master. The show lasted quite a few minutes and repeated itself from hour to hour over three days.

The annual anniversary swords came back for the happiness of many people, but the outstanding happening of this anniversary was the return of the experience bonus. Mythic nexus and Vortex were flooded by people trying to hunt at all cost and some of them spent hours doing it. Billions and billions were collected by each people.

What community missed this anniversary was the participation of Royals. None really made any statement or appeared during the festivity.  Not even to rejoice the beginning of the 9th Hyul of King M'hul reign.  Not even the ministries prepared anything, so the celebrations this time surely lasted way shortly than last one. Of course the last one had some real involvement and delays since King Yuri passed away and M'hul's coronation extended the festive, but still this year the community is indeed missing something special.

Shift in Geomancy Eldership                    Vini Normad'or

By the end of Hyul 5, Halome was announced as the new geomancer elder selected to replace the missing Minaku. Three Hyuls after that, Elder Halome announced her leave for personal matters and appointed Rhew as her replacement. She who has been a geomancer for many yuris and hyuls now assumes the position of leading the sub-path as the 15th elder in Geomancer's chronology.

Kingdom Tribune has interviewed Elder Rhew about her new position, the results of it can be found in Interviews section.

New Woodlands Drop                             Vini Normad'or

A new item has been found in the deeps of the Woodlands caves. The new hand item is a Noble Tag which was acquired after the defeat of Honoured Dog inside the Ancient Ruins. The item is reserved for Il san or higher and can be worn by any paths. The one who slew the boss and got the reward was Nairbosk and he kindly has shown that it looks just like one of the army medals but red instead.

*This news report is a contribution of Nexus Atlas*

Changes in Immortal Lands                      Vini Normad'or

It was through sages that Archon Juste called the Carnage hosts and afterwards the Fox hunt hosts to their ratty and foxy holes to announce the upcoming changes. He has decided to step down as he felt he wouldn?t be able to collaborate as much as the position needs and introduced the new Pawn to look over Carnages and Fox hunts, named Hyien.

Not long after, it was time for good news coming from the immortal?s haven. Alilolelotte, from Revels and Story contests finally finished her training process and has become a full archon. Other than that it was also announced the addition of two new pawns, Zarashi which can be read about in Page 4 and Blanca whose purpose wasn't yet revealed.
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