Board :Kingdom Tribune
Author :Scribe Vini
Subject :** Koguryo News - Page 4 **
Date :1/31
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New Pawn of Kugnae                             Vini Normad'or
The kingdom of Koguryo has been lacking immortal assistance for quite a good while. It has been over a month since Archon Sydoki has been missing and something had to be done about it. During last tribunal, King M'hul announced the arrival of a new Pawn to train to become the new Archon of Koguryo matters. A new vigilance was born with the name of Zarashi and she's already trying to get into the new job fast.

Sydoki although didn't just went out missing without communicating anyone. After being away for quite some weeks, he appeared before Kugnae Tribunal and informed primogens and clan representatives that he would be stepping down. A big loss for kogurian kingdom, community shall see if Zarashi can fill in that stop well then. The hope now is that if such issues happen again that they can be resolved faster.
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