Board :Kingdom Tribune
Author :Scribe Vini
Subject :** Buya News - Page 5 **
Date :1/31
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A return of an old Primarch                     Songa Dinera

 An important figure  has recently returned to the Kingdoms. Guerrund, who has been Primogen of the Phoenix Clan twice and is also a former Minister of Buya, is back and already working. He has once again recieved the position of Primarch of Phoenix as the previous one, Vano, who is also an ex-primogen, has stepped down from it. On such matters, Guerrund joins the group of four primarches in the clan along with Kyas, Kataru and Yukara.

 The kingdoms clans don't have the habit of having so many primarches, but Guerrund surely isn't unfamiliar with such position he held for so many yuris.

Chronicles - Bunny Invasion!                     Songa Dinera

  I was off to ask Poet Song for yet another quest. He always seemed to give me odd ones, but I cannot disagree that they are full of excitement. Not to mention that old coot is full of interesting stories.  

  Making my way to the Poet Guild, I couldn't help but to feel someone or something was watching me. Putting it off as simply a strange feeling, I made my way to the front of the Guild. As I stopped to take a breath, I noticed the rabbits suddenly ran off in different directions. It was as if they were huddled together. Again, thinking this was my imagination playing games, I put it off as a strange feeling and walked to where the Guildmaster Song was.

  Before I could ask him for a quest, he started rambling incoherantly about rabbits. He asked me to go kill as many as I could, and he seemed very fearful of them. Rabbits?  How could anyone be scared of rabbits. Nonetheless, I made my way back outside to take care of these little pests. I walked out to the smell of rain, and not a rabbit in sight. I thought perhaps they were hiding from the impending rain, but then something happened that I will never forget.

  Before I knew it, I was surrounded by rabbits. They were all squeeking and making odd nibbling noises. I hate to admit it, but I was scared. One in particular kept giving odd command like gestures to the others. They pulled me, unwillingly, into a VERY tiny hole. Perhaps if I had lost about a million pounds, I would actually fit. Realizing their mistake, they suddenly vanished.. leaving me.. stuck in a hole.

  I could have sworn a Hyul had passed before Song came out of his Guild and noticed me there. He luckily helped me out, though it did take another Hyul to remove my plump self. He warned me about the bunnies, and now, I could do nothing but believe him.  I decided to further investigate the matter. I had collected many interviews, all of which pointed a finger to Ogi the Butcher. Ogi found it ridiculous tho think rabbits would hunt anyone.

   Just then, an odd banging noise could be heard from the back of Ogi's shop. I leaped over the counter, and headed towards the source.  Ogi did her best to stop me, but to no avail; It was too late. I broke down the back door, to reveal several bunnies playing G'oh. I was right, Ogi was giving shelter to these radical bunnies.

   Is Poet Song correct in saying the bunnies are evil beings? Or is it simply a mistake of idenities? And what of that crazy Virtuoso Moondrops? She has stated for Yuris the bunnies are no good.. Is it simply artistic insanity? Judge for yourself.

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