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Author :Scribe Vini
Subject :** Nagnang News - Page 6 **
Date :1/31
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Future of Silla Events                         Vini Normad'or

Changes happen fast in Silla clan. Last week, the muse Prodigy DustofSnow took over the position of Events Elderess after the previous one Sahae left the clan. He dwells in K'urimja clan of Nagnang now while DustofSnow is starting at her new job. Nexus still has to see something coming out in community events of her who is married to LarryDeMarco, a former primogen of the clan.

Momentous Applications                         Vini Normad'or

The Chancellor of Nagnang, Asuza has announced in Chronicles of the Winds that the Nagnang Ministry is having their applications open again. Those who are interested should check the application form and fill it in. It is important to notice that the position open for applications is to work in the Momentous Ministry which has some specific working. The Nagnang Ministry has actually three divisions: The Momentous, the Harmonious and Community & Pursuit.  Momentous is the division that works with creation and hosting of community events by the ministry so if anyone likes working with such should take this chance and apply.

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