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Author :Scribe Vini
Subject :** Kingdoms Culture - Page 7 **
Date :1/31
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Khan Emblem Back From the Dust                 Vini Normad'or

A relic of Nexus history was brought back from the dust of personal banks and has fallen into hands and eyes of the public again. Taijin, a former elder of Chongun path has restored the whereabouts of Khan Emblem and also a bit of its history. Such emblem is unique and represents the victory of Kogurian & Buyan kingdoms against the attacks of the Sonhi. The symbol was to represent the supremacy of KaKhan, but eventually it fell down to community hands as people defeated the mighty one in battle in around Yuri 30.

The antiquity has been kept on the shades for many yuris and the Koguryo Spy Guild has been passing it from hand to hand during generations. Indeed one time it has gotten of their hands and passed to other people, but still it was kept undisclosed for such a long while that people forgot the importance or existence of it.

Now, this piece of history can be found in the hands of Taijin who is being really careful to not let such important item be lost again. Those who are interest in viewing the emblem should ask him to show it in the markets and he shall be glad to share it with the curious ones of nexus history.

New Wisdom Clothes                             Vini Normad'or

One of the things most waited by all who were born before the great shift was the possibility to obtain the new version of the Wisdom Clothes, the AhHopZe Robe/gown.

Such beautiful coat has the same look as the poet icon of heroes' board and because of that it surely came as a surprise to many. New wisdom clothes come available every anniversary and became a tradition of showing the longevity of community members who have been around for a long time and been working within the laws of the kingdoms. Those who can get one of these AhHopZe clothes will wear it with pride.

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