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Author :Scribe Vini
Subject :** Weekly Interview - Page 9 **
Date :1/31
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Rhew of Geomancers                             Vini Normad'or
Interview done with The new Geomancer Elderess, Rhew of Wilderness tribe.

<b>Kingdom Tribune:
Greetings Lady Rhew, how does it feel to become one of the twelve elders of the subpaths?
It's exciting. The opportunity to be able to do as much as possible to help the Geomancers grow and flourish is something I have dreamed of since I first stepped foot in our circle.

<b>Kingdom Tribune:
Indeed. But you held some other positions in community before being elder, would you mind sharing which were them and how they contributed to the knowledge you have and are needed today?
Hmm, well.. I have been a council member in various places in our world. Any leadership experience will offer you a lot of knowledge if you are open to it: How to deal with problems, how to tell the difference between a genuine issue and a senselle drama.

<b>Kingdom Tribune:
It could also be noticed that when you took over Geomancers, you didn't have many guides to assist you like normally has. What do you have in mind about this issue?
Well we have lost many guides to outside situations, however we are still maintaining at the moment. I have guide assistants to aid as well as the general popupulation of walkers. The path is a place where we all rely on eachother, since walkers can teach young ones, we do not have a high demand for multiple guides.

<b>Kindom Tribune:
What is also talked a lot about is the situation of staying neutral in conflicts and participation of Geomancers in events. Some complain they can't participate and others say Geomancers make up excuses to participate after a while. What is your stance in this matter?
Being a taoist Geomancer I personally feel a very strong devotion to living the neutral path of Wu Wi. I would preffer us not take part in conflicts unless it is forced upon us, however, all the Geomancers have their own voices and I will always do my best to accomodate for the greater good. Keep in mind that the gods pressure us to deny no one certain participations in the events of the lands.

<b>Kingdom Tribune:
Do you have any plans or ideas in mind to improve Geomancers in the future?
Oh yes, many plans in the making and to be made... We are trying to build a more roleplay-encouraging atmosphere in the path. Our path has been stunted for years and we are working hard to improve that, and catch up with the other subpaths!

Ping-pong questions:

Favorite color? Green.
Favorite animal? Panda.
Favorite place? Tai Chi.
Favorite food? Egg noodles with chicken.
Favorite weapon? Stone axe.
Favorite person?Julia.
A Hero? Her guide Spherical.
A Disgust? Yieta, for tainting the triiofa and the lands.
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