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Author :Scribe Vini
Subject :** Tribune Editorial - Page 1 **
Date :4/1
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The Upcoming Big Addition                      Vini Normad'or

Long time has passed since the lands of nexus had a community willing to embrace new people and dedicate time to show around to the younger ones. This isn?t because the people nowadays have less compassion than the ones from old times, it is mostly because nexus has had a change of values and without nay conscience the people started only caring for people when they reach the 99th insight. For long while the lower level ones have been forgotten as they didn?t matter, but what everyone forgets is that each one has been new one day.

Finally, the secret of the big addition promised by Dream weaver Mug has been reveled. A whole new area to help new ones adapt with the costumes of these lands and learn by their own what each was depending on the good will of a few who remained helpful. A new place dedicated just for the young ones which will surely help their advancements and give them the possibility to join the upper parts of the community after reaching 50th insight.

It is sad that many people upon hearing about what is the big addition so long talked about didn?t see the magnificent idea that it brings and the many possibilities that it give. People are so used to being given a thing after another that once they hear about big additions not being useful to them, they scream and cry like if it was a bad thing. Some of the members of the community need to stop looking just to their own interests and remember that the lands of nexus exist being populated by various different people with various types of interest. This time it will be the younger ones who will get new kinds of assistant, tomorrow it might be the very own people complaining who will get the big stuff and if one don?t support the other, then it will be mostly likely hard to add any stuff as Gods can?t please everyone at same time.

The Kingdom Tribune is anxious to report about the release of such new area and will be welcoming it with open arms whatever it shall be like. Anything that helps the community, being either on the lower levels or the higher ones, is interesting for the eyes of Kingdom Tribune staff, so we take the time to thank each one who dedicate little of their time to help this new area come someday. ______________________________________________________________
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