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Author :Scribe Vini
Subject :** Nexus International - Page 2 **
Date :4/1
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New Tutor and New Policy                      Vini Normad'or

There are a lot of changes going on in the tutor?s haven going around the new area talked about in the editorial. One of them is that Head Tutor Nussan removed the requirement that forces tutors to live in the kingdom they are assigned to work with. This means that if one is a member of a Kogurian clan they can still apply for a position open in Buya as example.

It is actually not just an example, as this new option is actually being used now as the new Buyan Warrior Tutor selected, actually lives in Koguryo. He?s a very well known person as he already heads the Fox Hunts hosts, the Sam san warrior ShindanMusan.

Because of this change, it will be better that people interested in knowing about current tutors check the path guild boards instead of the users list which won?t be so accurate.

Easier Fox Hunt Wins                           Vini Normad'or

ShindanMusan isn?t only the new Buya Warrior Tutor, as it was mentioned before he is the head of Fox Hunt hosts. He representing the interests of the majority of the community announced a very special change in how Fox hunts are run. The structure is being changed to help improve the chances of winning. The new system will work like this: The best four matches out of seven will be granted with the winning mark with just one round and only the other three will have to do two rounds. ShindanMusan also invites community to send ideas of themes for the Sunday fox hunts to Foxhunt, their secretary.

New Judge in Training                          Vini Normad'or

It may not have been noticed yet, but there?s a new JIT in the kingdoms. Sir Muckish, of the Kogurian Knights Order, former minister of Peace and reporter of Kingdom Tribune is now being trained to become a judge. It will take a while until he can start taking cases but people should know and feel safe to know that there?s another experienced watchful eye on guard as well.

Article - The Gag Order                        Diskord Dorkus

It has been a long while since the Kingdoms have experienced
any kind of big movement or change, as it will soon.
It is well known that no greater controversy has been stirred since the death of His Majesty our King Yuri, than during the brutal assaults of the pirates upon the Three Kingdoms. It is the aftermath of the last pirate raid that this article will be discussing.

Before Buya's major decision to surrender their swords, Koguryo and most of Nagnang had made their position impossibly clear, only hours after discovering their missing kinfolk; this offensive stance was compounded quickly when the violent pirate raids into the halls began.

Tensions grew on both sides and insults were flung, with no party innocent, and motives clearly both moral and political fuelling a conflict which has as of yet to be resolved- for in the hearts of Allies lives yet great discord and now a deep mistrust.

Buya's Primogens argued the validity and morality of their choice, and Koguryo and Nagnang's Primogens argued their own. None knew of Han's involvement, when the insults were slung from every direction.
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