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Author :Scribe Vini
Subject :** Nexus International - Page 3 **
Date :4/1
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Which morality was more ethical is at this point irrelevant. What is relevant is the gaping distance and the whispered resentment which moves in undercurrents among the organizations.

Whatever way one chooses to manipulate the words, there is one undisputable truth in all which occured: a truth that is inconvenient and undesirable, untimely and poisonous to the very core of the alliance.

Buya's decision went against the Tri-Kingdom Alliance which all Three Kingdoms signed. Twist words as anyone would and may and already have, this is an undeniable occurance.

Article I

Permanent & Sincere Friendship

Unaligned Organizations

<b>No member of this Alliance shall give aid or succor to any <b>organization harboring ill will and or participating in <b>military action against member states.

Providing weapons was clearly aiding the enemy. If we had known the swords were harmless, then this would not have been the case, but the uncertainty of their intended purpose renders this situation a violation of the agreement. The swords were not exchanged with false ones until a later time, when Han stepped in- and AFTER the Buyan Primogens made their position and morality known. Even if their morality was the ethical one, it was still in violation of the Treaty.

An argument may be made from this portion of the Treaty:

Article II

Cooperation in offensive actions is not guaranteed under this Alliance.  IF the Council on Kingdom Relations finds offensive action to be necessary by a 2/3 majority the recommendation will be sent to the Royalty of the nations who must agree unanimously.

However, no such Kingdom Relations Council was called, and if it had been, Buya's Clan base, even adding in the Forsaken Clan, would not have amounted to a sufficient number of the 1/3 of the Kingdom required, as Koguryo hosts the most official organizations (7), and had the backing of all but Forsaken in Nagnang.

While both moralities were correct, clearly the Treaty was violated. Why then does it still exist, if it is so easily ignored and unwanted?
And here it arrives at this article's true aim.

The finger is to be pointed at the Gods, and our very own Royals, whom we serve faithfully and under whose orders we have simply continued to bear this insulting, broken agreement.

So swiftly and surely were dissenters and those who realised this- silenced, that the only echo of their cries is heard in surreptitious conversations.

The Gods and Royals deem it too taboo to discuss the legalities, and they force this agreement upon people for the sakes of a peace the spirit of which is already broken. They have essentially stuffed rags in people's mouths to keep them from speaking this reality and to ensure the population does not begin to cry foul play in masse.
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