Board :Kingdom Tribune
Author :Scribe Vini
Subject :** Nexus International - Page 4 **
Date :4/1
|Kingdom Tribune|                                   |Volume 2|


Article - Diskord's conclusions:

I, as most others, will in the end respect the wisdom and decision of my King as to his service I am sworn- but I must at least speak for the voices which have been silenced; such Alliances are forged with the steel of the very honour of each nation, and great sacrifices are suffered for their creation and maintenance.

If a nation finds that it no longer suits it's ethics or interests, then the agreement should be dissolved.

If a Royal deems it unnecessary to inform their anxious, suffering allies that there is an army already preparing to aid them, then that Royal's communication abilities should be challenged and reproached. Whatever excuse may and has been given for such behaviour is, in the big picture, only an excuse contrived in restrospect.

Kugnae's Clan base and their Nangen counterparts should no longer have to abide by an agreement which other sides can choose to ignore as suits the occasion.

There is no interest, from my knowledge of Koguryo and Nagnang, of any violent urges toward those who took a different side than ours in the Pirate conflict- only the desire to hold accountable each nation for their promises, or to be freed of a bond which is not respected.

Such is the opinion of myself and my people, and many others who do not live in my halls, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to voice it.

I for one still desire peace, but I firmly stand by my belief that the current terms for it have not withstood the test of loyalty and time.

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