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Author :Scribe Vini
Subject :** Koguryo News - Page 5 **
Date :4/1
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Article - Koguryo's Political News          Muckish Normad'or

Greetings! I am the Kingdom Tribune's Political Correspondent for Koguryo. In future, I will report and present opinions on the current political climate. Moreover, I hope to bring my knowledge and past working within the walls of the Koguryian Palace to clarify the matters of the day. Hopefully through this medium the average Koguryian will be able to learn how we are governed and how to become involved!

Koguryo is governed in many ways, from the Palace, the Royal Ministry, the Royal Army, the Clans and of course the subpaths who have members residing in the kingdom. But perhaps most importantly, many do not realise that the King summons his Royal Tribunal on a weekly basis, ((Thursdays at 10pm EST)) to discuss and make decisions on the pressing matters of the day. This Royal Tribunal consists of the King, Royal Minister, the General of the Royal Army, an Archon and two delegates from each of the Koguryian Clans, usually including their Primogen.

Our 'government' also sprouts out into the public sphere in a number of methods. The Royal Minister of Koguryo appoints the Royal Librarian, the Editor of the Kingdom Tribune, the Royal Ambassador and of course the Royal Diviner, when one is required. Furthermore, the Royal Ministry is responsible for maintaining inter-kingdom relations, holding the weekly Poetry Revels and making the arrangements for Royal and national holidays.

I look forward to clarifying how Koguryo works and with a little luck, I will be able to inspire our Gracious King to marry and bestow upon us, a young prince.

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