Board :Kingdom Tribune
Author :Scribe Vini
Subject :** Nagnang News - Page 7 **
Date :4/1
|Kingdom Tribune|                                   |Volume 2|

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The Havoc by Mad King                         Vini Normad'or

The intentions of Gods are something that can hardly be understood sometimes. The Nangen army forces have found that in the past days a strange portal was found in the Bandits tribe of vortex and such has given the possibility for the Mad King to escape with some of his King Guardians to the sire pit in Buya. The plan of the vile leader of the bandit?s tribe was to strike down a majority of people at once, therefore he went to sire pit where a lot of people hang and fight with each other to put in practice his plan. But he didn?t go alone; he took time to arrange the coming of enslaved and angered spirits to aid in his battle, along with Hamgyong jellies, sap plants and Flame kakons.

The Mad King eventually fell and the portal was closed, but his magic crumbling the roof of Buya arena was devastating. Before defeated although, he managed to summon from the oceans a mother whale which got really desperate and ended up killing various people while moving outside the water. The massacre and havoc caused by the Mad King only ended after the whale was calmed down and pushed back to the waters. The workers of Buya are having a hard time to fix the roof and the mess caused by Mad King.

Page 7                                        Hyul, 9 Moon 4