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Date :4/1
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Woes of a Rose bush                             Songa Dinera

       Today,  we take an insider's look at a well-known, but rarely acknowledged member of our community:  The Rose Bush. I went deep inside the world of the Rose bush, and interviewed him about the use of roses in our lands~

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

       Songa:   So, Mr. Rose Bush, what are your thoughts on roses?  Why do you enjoy them so much?

       Rose bush:   [fills Songa's pockets with Roses]

       Songa:   Why thank you!     But seriously, what's the big deal about roses?

       Rose bush:   Well, most think that the rose is a symbol of love or lasting friendship.  BUT IT'S PETALS MOCK ME!!!

       Songa:   ..  So you don't believe in love or lasting friendships?

       Rose bush:   NO!   Look at me!    I am a ROSE BUSH.  Who would love a rose bush?!   Furthermore, people simply walk by me without notici--

 *     Editor's Note:      At this point, a passerby walked by, and further proved Mr. Rose Bush's point ..

       Passerby:  o/` La la!  I am going to get a hair cut~ To the Salon I go~!

       Rose bush:  [fills Passerby's pockets with roses]

       Passerby:      What in Thalia's name!?!    I don't want stupid roses, you stupid head rose bush!!! [throws roses down, squishing them in the ground!]  

        Rose bush:     SEE WHAT I MEAN?!!?  ;______;

 *     Editor's second note:   At this point, another passerby walked by ..

       Moondrops:    Yaaaay! Rose bush~!    I want roses, please Mr. Rose bush!!  

       Rose bush:      [nothing]

       Moondrops:    I need them for.. Jadespear's quest.. (yes, that's it. You believe it, yes?)   Please, Mr. Rose bush!! ;____;

       Rose bush:      [nothing]

       Songa:    [ahem]  So, as you can see, Mr. Rose bush is a fine member of our comm--

       Moondrops:  GIMMEH ROSES YOU STUPID ROSE BUSH HEAD!!!!!!!!! D:<

       Rose bush:      [NOTHING!]

       Songa:    ..This is Songa Dinera, reporting from the Rose bush in Buya!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

        So, in conclusion, Mr. Rose bush seems to be a bit bitter. People simply pass him by in a hurry to do other things, and rarely notice him!!    So, the next time you pass by Mr. Rose bush, say hello..  take a few roses and spread the love around!
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