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Author :Scribe Vini
Subject :** Weekly Interview - Page 10 **
Date :4/1
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ShindanMusan of Fox Hunts                      Vini Normad'or
Interview done with The new Buya Warrior Tutor, ShindanMusan, Head of Fox Hunt hosts.

<b>Kingdom Tribune:
Greetings ShindanMusan, you're so young, but still holds position of great importance to our lands, how does it feel about that, being young and leading Fox hunts as well as being a tutor now?
Well, it's a challenge for sure, but I see it as a unique opportunity to change some things that I felt were not so enjoyable when I was younger. For example, fox hunts. As for being young, it doesn't really bother me or most people, I think.

<b>Kingdom Tribune:
What are your plans for the future of Fox hunts?
Weel, we are still discussing several changes with the gods at the moment. On those I can't really comment until they are definite. In general though, we are looking to make the game more fun to play in, more diverse and also more rewarding. I feel the old structure was a bit too strainful and tedious. Especially in comparison with the carnage department.

<b>Kingdom Tribune:
Do you feel that now being a tutor might take your time out of it, how do you plan on keeping active in both positions?
Well, for most of my career as a fox hunt host, I still dedicated a lot of my time to training. Recently, I have decided to pursue different goals in this realm, so that basically gave me a lot more spare time. I think I can fulfill my duties in both positions.

<b>Kindom Tribune:
What do you expect to your new work as a tutor, as it comes in times of great changes, specially with the way of dealing with new adventurers?
I think with those changes you mentioned, there will be plently of opportunities to help new players find their ways around. I also feel I can offer the community specific lessons that I am able to offer, for example I plan to host some practice lessons for fox hunt in the fox hunt hall, no wins are awarded of course.Also, I could teach new players how to progress swiftly through the statistical ranks as I did. I think these two subjects may very well become popular amongst new players.

<b>Kingdom Tribune:
Indeed, I couldn't help to notice that although you're Sam san warrior, right now you don't have any subpath, which is uncommon. Do you have any plans for that?
Indeed. I have recently proffered  my blade to the Do. As of now, I have not yet been accepted, but I do feel that is where my destiny lies. In time, I will walk the path of Do, hopefully.

Ping-pong questions:

Favorite color? Blue.
Favorite animal? Dog.
Favorite place? Sunmoon library.
Favorite food? Roasted beef.
Favorite weapon? His blade, Odessa.
Favorite person? His wife, Solita.
A Hero? Zoozoo, for being inspiring and helpful tutor to him.
A Disgust? People who cheat, have crude behavior or use illegal means to better themselves.
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