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Author :Scribe Vini
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Date :6/5
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Nexus: The Winds of No Change                  Vini Normad'or
Life is a concept in movement. It?s always changing no matter what. The beauty of life is that today one cannot imagine how it will be or where they will be in the next ten years, and if nothing major changes, the only path that it leads is to boredom. Yet, in the Kingdom of Winds, life moves a little different. While all the other kingdoms and tribes are in constant change, the stability of the politics of the tri-kingdoms is something that annoys even some people at their own government.

It is unquestionable that this alliance formed between Koguryo, Buya and Nagnang is really strong to keep the three well protected. No matter who tries to invade, or attack them, be it Mongols, Sonhi, fake ambassadors of Han or the Lord of Magic himself, in the end such scheme created always goes back to normal over sometime. And, while the tribes to the west are constantly trying to expand their territories, these three kingdoms don?t mind having just the ones they have, as it is common knowledge that if one tries to take it, in the end will fail.

This lack of political changes reflects on the growing lack of participation by people. First because they?re learning that no matter how much they try, their individual efforts won?t matter to make difference to any issues. Also, it is well known at the moment that if any minor changes are supposed to happen, they?ll end up happening with the participation of one or not. Such situation is turning part of the day community members more and more as days past. Individuals start to not care for things that will not change no matter what they try.

Why bring up a situation like this if it has always been like this? It wasn?t. In the past when people heard of events, they knew something was about to change. Be it the political relations between Buya and Koguryo, or the relations of Gods themselves. Was it the opening of a new kingdom and new relations with it or the opening of the house villages and the evil plans of Nagnag. Was it the escape of Chizao and the consequently vortex, and the revival of the totem animals to imprison him once more. Was it the renewal of earth, or the Wind Gods attack. What matters is that with every action there was a reaction.

Now, these times are gone. Actions happen without a purpose and reactions appear out of nowhere. All of a sudden Mupa returns from the nowhere place she was, allied with Yieta to strike Koguryo for no reason. They break up; Yieta turns into a tree with Mupa leaves without any reason at all. In the end, the only change that happened was that Koguryo got a new tree, since all others cut down eventually grew up again. Pirates invade, steal the clan swords and workers, nothing can be done by Clans to get such ones back until an unknown foreigner comes into scene and even being a warrior breaks the spell that none of the most experienced mages in the kingdoms could. In the end, everything went back to normal.

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