Board :Kingdom Tribune
Author :Scribe Vini
Subject :** Tribune Editorial - Page 2 **
Date :6/5
|Kingdom Tribune|                                   |Volume 3|


In the latest decades, the only change that could be considered was the death of the kogurian king, his majesty King Yuri. Yet, in the end, not much has changed as King M?hul keeps the same style of government as before which was mostly led by him before the unfortunate happening. So, besides this one event that happened, all recent others didn?t really represent any major changes to the lands the Kingdom of Winds. Seems that the winds are stopping, the constant movement of the history being created everyday is now going as a straight line.

In the end, what can be concluded is that the stability of the kingdoms make community worry less about what is to come next and with less worry, less they participate or want to participate. After all, in the own minds of common people; why work hard to make something happen, if in the end it will make no real difference anyway.

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