Board :Kingdom Tribune
Author :Scribe Vini
Subject :** Nexus International - Page 3 **
Date :6/5
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Kayan Magical Song                             Vini Normad'or

An elder traveler has reached our lands. A wise and friendly sage came from Kaya and found shelter in the Divine?s Tao Te Ching sanctum. The old man that may sound a bit arrogant at the start actually is quite helpful as he volunteers to teach a poem-song of with magical powers of great significance to the people of Kaya. The chanting is called Kujiga, the song used by the nine elders of Kaya when performed the summoning of King Suro to descent from heaven.

The ritual was performed involving hundreds of people after a voice coming from heaven at a place called Kuji. These people went to the top of a mountain, danced and song the song of Kujiga. Now, the old man that arrived in Koguryo teaches such song to the community of the tri-kingdom alliance. The words go like this:
Keobuga, Keobuga; Meorireul naeeora; Naeeonoch'i aneumyeon ; Kuweo meogeuri
The kogurian historians that study the cultures of Kaya ended up finding the meaning of such enchanted words: Turtle, Turtle; Stick out your head; If you don?t; We will roast and eat you.

No matter how good one can be, the old man, already a bit deaf and blind by his age claims that anyone who sings it has a bad voice. Nothing to worry about and no reason to give up on such offense, actually no one should take it personal as he does that to everyone. Those who prove their knowledge to the old man and have their fortunes acknowledged may find the great magical aspects of having a vision of the Kujiga. Summoning people from other locations might not be such a problem anymore for the most experienced adventures who devote to from this.
New Nexus Judge                                Vini Normad'or

Not long after the announcement of a new judge being in training, Head Judge Teragg has again spoken to the community about the deeds of Lord Muckish in the justice system. According to Sir Teragg, Muckish has showed great knowledge and ability to deal with cases and in short matter of time he was trained and ready to take on with the duties of a judge of nexus. Judge Muckish who has been primarch of Sun Moon clan for many yuris was most noticeable during yuris 40-50 when he was Minister of peace and helped organizing the memorizing Golden jubilee of King Yuri, celebrating his 50th year of reign. Muckish takes this opportunity in justice to continue his legacy as a great contributor of deeds in the community and depending on his knowledge and good will he shall become a great reference as a judge.
Who is Subpath's Archon                        Vini Normad'or

Every subpath has received a note in their board with the goodbye notes of Archon Wenyin. She who has been helping the subpaths in the last hyuls have taken some extended time out while thanking each of the paths for receiving her well. Yet, while she is gone not much has been said about who is over viewing  the subpaths now. Guide board continues with no updates and nothing was officially said about it. Yet, Kingdom Tribune went ahead and figured out something that has been a question for few moons now. The new pawn Blanca which wasn?t assigned to any position was introduced by Wenyin to elders in the weekly meeting and seems to be the new person taking care of the subpath matters.

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