Board :Kingdom Tribune
Author :Scribe Vini
Subject :** Nexus International - Page 4 **
Date :6/5
|Kingdom Tribune|                                   |Volume 3|

Changes to Carnage Levels                      Vini Normad'or

Head Carnage Host Gnoff has had a poll moons ago about how to re-organize the levels of the Carnage of Riches. The votes were counted and finally the results are out and working. The Adventurers and Heroes level are gone. The Glory level now is merged to those two. While then, Celestial level has slip into to three, the Paramount for Sam sans and Mayhem for Sa san stats or higher.
Here is how the Carnage of Riches level work now:
Glory: 6-85.
Legends: 86 - 98
Ancients: 99 - non-wasabi (49,999/24,999)
Avatars: wasabi - sub il san (159,999/79,999)
Celestial: 160,000/80,000 -639,999/319,999
Paramount: 640,000/320,000 - 1,279,999/639,999
Mayhem: 1,280,000/640,000 +

*This news report is a contribution of Nexus Atlas*
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