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Author :Scribe Vini
Subject :** Koguryo News - Page 5 **
Date :6/5
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Greetings Readers!

    This week as I pondered what to write about, I thought of the very interesting work that the Tribunal has been passing and thus decided to present a closer glance at this ever elusive weekly conclave, His Majesty's Royal Tribunal!

    The Royal Tribunal was first summoned in the early years of King Yuri's reign. The new clans, SunMoon, Heavens and Bear wished to have their voices heard in a more regular and official forum. Thus, the Royal Tribunal began as it is today as the weekly occurrence where the Kingdom's Clans meet with their Sovereign Lord.

     One might ask, why did Heavens Clan send a delegate to the Koguryian Tribunal when it is Buyan Clan? The reason behind this goes back many years, before the second decade of King Yuri's reign. As many may not know, the current Empire of Buya was once a territory of Koguryo. At this time all Buyans were subjects of King Yuri, yet all this changed in Yuri 16, however this is a story for another time. One might also note that not until Yuri 57 were Ministers or the General of the Royal Army permitted to attend these gatherings.

    Another interesting fact about the early Tribunals is that they were not held within Kugnae Palace. While the King did agree to weekly meetings with the clans there is no evidence to suggest that he believed they would become as important as they have today. Thus, the King requested that one Clan allow him to build a stately room for this purpose. At the time, Primogen Genji of the Sun Moon Sect agreed and a great red hall was built, however always locked to regular members. Much later, however, when the Tribunal hall was built in the Palace, King Yuri donated the room to the Sun Moon Sect for so graciously hosting the kingdom officials for so long. Today the hall remains in the SunMoon hall, still largely untouched.

    Yet, enough with circling around subject, what is the purpose of the Royal Tribunal? Once a week, currently held on Thursday evenings, King Mhul, his six Primogens (SunMoon, Bear, Enigma, Oceana, Destiny & Tiger), a second delegate from these clans, the Royal Minister, the General of the Royal Army and the Archon of Koguryo meet to discuss matters of interest within Koguryo. While it is unacceptable to repeat matters which occur within these hallowed meetings, some topics commonly appear on the agenda. These include... Kingdom Laws, Clan building and Kingdom construction, Inter-Clan disputes, Koguryo's stance with other nations and subpaths, Security issues and of course the creation of new clans within Koguryo. However, the most important duty of the Royal Tribunal has yet to occur. In the rare case that the King dies without a clear heir to the throne, it is the duty of His Majesty's Royal Tribunal to select our next monarch - hopefully this day will not arrive, (may we all pray to Hyun Moo for an heir).

    Today, Koguryo's Royal Tribunal remains the most powerful organisation within Koguryo, not only because it has the King's full attention, but also since it acts as a forum for all of the leaders of the kingdom to discuss and decide upon issues of the day. Perhaps it is only right to conclude with a thank you to Koguryo's great Primogens, Ministers, Generals and Kings for the hard work they do each week. Onwards Azure Koguryo & Long Live Our King!
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